Cardboard Furniture

We Design, Print and Manufacture Cardboard Furniture

We have the capacity in designing fold-able and easy to assemble type of cardboard decorations, furniture the way you want as well.

Disposable cardboard furniture

From mock-up, proto-typing, and create real usable furniture such as sofa, chair, table, bed, coffee table, cabinets which is great especially for exhibition usages as it is easily transportable from stack of cardboard, fold and form into furniture and easily disposable in recycle-able manner.


Foldable paper bed using strong cardboard design structure. Great for emergency, mobility purposes.

Cardboard Furnitures

Fold-able, self assemble cardboard furniture ranging from sofa, tea-table, table and chair set and many others.

Custom cardboard cutouts in Malaysia

With our advanced cardboard laser cutting technology, your imagination is the only limit when it comes to creating custom cardboard cutouts in Malaysia. Design and cut it into real 3D background great for stage design, performance background and various purposes.

3D Stage backdrop

You can easily design and craft your own unique 3D stage backdrop as you can see in your examples here.